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John Grave
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Private Tuition

Private tuition is predominately carried out at your home. It allows me to observe the dog in its own surroundings in order that I can see what normal behaviour is. Private tuition allows time to be focused on a particular behaviour. Like the human each dogs character and behaviour is individual to that dog and is influenced by its breed, environment and the people around it. A private visit allows time to unpick its behaviour and to identify and resolve the issues within the dog. It is often the case with behaviour reshaping that the owner only deals with the symptoms and sometimes the causes need to be identified and altered to ensure the behaviour does not return.

Understanding the dog, its drives, wants and desires will help the owner to understand why it performs certain behaviours and allow us to re-shape its behaviour in a positive way using clicker and motivational training.

If you feel you would like a visit then please contact me to arrange an appointment. Each session cost £30  Each visit lasts a minimum of 1hr.

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